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Fish Program Statistics and Summary

Since the bioassessment program began in 1994, fish surveys have been a critical component of the assessment process. In 2015, the BioNet application began hosting data collected by other programs within the Iowa DNR that collected fish using the Bioassessment protocols. These data are stored in the FishNet portion of BioNet.

Total Fish Collected
Unique Fish Species
Total Surveys
FIBI Assessments

Top 5 Most Collected Fish

Species Total Catch
Central Stoneroller 102,751
Bluntnose Minnow 96,581
Creek Chub 94,955
White Sucker 83,622
Sand Shiner 73,689

Top 5 Most Common Fish

Species % of all sites
Creek Chub 70.86%
Bigmouth Shiner 61.77%
White Sucker 61.68%
Johnny Darter 59.05%
Bluntnose Minnow 58.88%

BioNet Sessions

Methodology Sessions
Standard Wadeable 1474
Rapid Assessment 180
Non-wadeable 41
Fishkill Followup 28

FishNet Sessions

Methodology Sessions
Standard Wadeable 205
Game Fish Only 119
Fisheries Non-wadeable 94
Game Fish/Non-game Presence Only Survey 42
Stream Sample Date Score
Stream Sample Date Score