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User Guide

BioNet User Guide

In this user guide you can find more information about the Biological Assessment Program's database, BioNet, and learn some of the databases features and conventions.

Do I Need to Login?

NO! All of the data available in BioNet can be viewed by the public. The login is for database administrators only.


Icons are used throughout the BioNet database application to indicate certain features and functionality. If you place your mouse cursor over most icons, a tooltip will pop up, providing more information.

Information Tooltip

Info: mouse over the icon for additional information on the text/topic.

Codex Link

This stylized button indicates a link to the reference Codex, a more robust documentation repository.

External Link

This icon indicates a URL that will take you out of the BioNet application.


A few other things to note while navigating around the database:

  • BioNet will remember the last 5 sites you visited. You can go back to these quickly by clicking on the Recent Sites button on the top navigation bar
  • Log On: For administrators of the database. There is no need to log in to use BioNet.

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