Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool (PERMT)

Iowa DNR Flood Plain Management, Sovereign Lands/Environmental Review and
US Army Corps of Engineers 404 Water Quality Permits
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This button will take you to the screening tool and Joint Application system. Your first steps will be to choose one or more project types, and then select your location using either a point, line or shape. You'll then be informed if you should submit an application. Instructions will be provided to walk you through the the Joint Application process.

This button is used to request a base flood elevation (to assist in planning or to apply for FEMA Letters of Map Amendment) or other technical assistance. You will need to create a new account or sign into your existing account. If you are planning to construct in the near term in a flood plain, you should submit a joint application instead (button above).

This button is used to submit a request for a Flood Plain Declaratory Order (less than 1000 animal units) or a Flood Plain Determination (1000 or more animal units) for your animal feeding operation. You will need to create a new account or sign into your existing account.

Request Environmental Review This button is used to request the Iowa DNR to search records for state‐ and federal‐ listed endangered or threatened species, rare natural communities, sensitive habitat, and state lands and waters in a proposed project area. You will need to create a new account or sign into your existing account.

Public Search Search by location to find Flood Plain and Sovereign Land construction projects.

Login If you have already created an Account ID and Password, you may log into the system to check the status of your project, submit additional information or download final Iowa DNR response documents.

More Information

DNR Flood Plain Permitting: Visit the DNR Flood Plain Permitting website for contact information and details on the permitting process.
Sovereign Lands Permitting and Environmental Reviews: Visit the DNR Sovereign Lands website for more information and contact information.

US Army Corps of Engineers:
Rock Island District
Omaha District

Frequently Asked Questions

PERMT will help you to:
  • Complete and Submit a Joint Application for -
    • State of Iowa Flood Plain Development Permit
    • State of Iowa Sovereign Lands Construction Permit, and
    • US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 404 Water Quality Permit.
  • Request an Environmental Review.
  • Request a Base Flood Elevation or other Flood Plain Technical Assistance.
  • Request a Flood Plain Determination or Declaratory Order for your Animal Feeding Operation.
  • View and track the status of your application.
  • Submit additional information for your application, if requested.
How does PERMT work?
  • You are required to obtain federal, state, and local permits before doing any construction in the flood plain or near a river or stream. There are exceptions for certain projects on very small streams. When you begin the Joint Application Process, the system will walk you through steps to determine if a joint application is required for your project.

  • By using PERMT and following the prompts, your Joint Application will be submitted to Iowa DNR Flood Plain, Iowa DNR Sovereign Lands and the US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District for review.

  • This electronic application program does not submit your Joint Application to county or city officials for local permitting. You are responsible for contacting local permitting officials and obtaining local permits prior to construction.

  • PERMT also allows you to electronically request Base Flood Elevations, Environmental Reviews, and Flood Plain/Declaratory Order for your Animal Feeding Operation and check on the status of your applications.

How will I know if my project has been properly submitted and reviewed?

By following the step by step processes you will eventually “Submit” your application. An email will be sent to you confirming receipt of the application. This email is not an approval of your project.

Iowa DNR will send out one final response for both the Iowa DNR Flood Plain and Sovereign Lands programs. The US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District will communicate with you separately and directly regarding the status and final response to your Joint Application.