Q. What is a Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application?
A. A Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application is a single application form with supporting documents that is used for two separate permit application submittals. These submittals are to the Iowa DNR Flood Plain and Dam Safety Section and Iowa DNR Sovereign Lands Section.

Q. What is PERMT?
A. PERMT (Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool) is a website / application for the electronic submittal of a Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application to two permitting bodies. It also allows for 24/7 access to the Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application review status and any final response / determination documents from those two Iowa DNR permitting bodies.

Q. Do both permit application reviews cover the same items?
A. No. Both permit applications are reviewed for different items and criteria and for the two different potential permits. There is very little overlap between the two reviews. The submitted PERMT application information and attachments should provide the necessary information for both reviews.

Q. Is Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application approval required by the Iowa DNR before I start work?
A. Permit application approval is required prior to construction when state (Iowa DNR) approval is required. The first step of the PERMT Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application submittal will help determine if a Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application submittal should be completed for your project.

Q. Can a consultant/point of contact/advocate submit on my behalf?
A. Yes. The consultant or agent can be the project point of contact for the review agencies if so designated.

Q. What are certified plans?
A. Construction plan sheets signed, sealed and dated by a professional engineer licensed in the state of Iowa. PDF copies of certified plans are preferred, and required for most projects requiring a permit.

Q. Are reports and modeling required for my project permit application review?
A. Reports and modeling are required for many projects to show how the project meets the permit approval criteria. Please contact your review agency with any questions.

Q. Are there any Iowa DNR fees associated with a PERMT Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application Submittal?
A. Typically none. However, some larger dam projects do currently require a small water storage permit application fee that would be submitted at a later time.

Q. Can I do this on my smartphone, or do I need an actual computer?
A. PERMT is designed to work on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone.

Q. Following my submission in PERMT, I didn’t get a verification email from DNR.
A. Please check email spam and junk mail folders, or contact the Iowa DNR.

Q. May I still submit my Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application in the mail?
A. Of course. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the additional features and information provided to you with an electronic submittal. The online system will also reduce the time before the review starts.

Q. What is the standard review time for my review?
A. Iowa DNR is directed to start permit application reviews on a “first in first out” basis. Complete permit applications received before your complete application, should have their project reviews started before your project review. Complete permit applications received after your application, should have their project review start after your project.

Q. Do you approve FEMA elevation certificates?
A. No. As a state agency, we are not able to approve FEMA elevation certificates. However, you can submit a base flood elevation (BFE) request in PERMT. The resulting BFE letter will be used by your land surveyor or engineer for the FEMA LOMA application submitted to FEMA. Apply for the BFE Request in PERMT for this first step. The calculated BFE elevation is based on best available information at the time of the request, so this elevation value usually changes over time.

Q. Are State Flood Plain Permits and Local Flood Plain Permits the same?
A. No. When a local flood plain permit is required, it is solely based on the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Mapping for that community. State flood plain permit requirements are typically based on the nearby stream drainage (tributary) areas at the downstream end of the project site.

Q. Does the FEMA flood mapping match the Iowa DNR regulatory flood plain?
A. No, but it is typically very similar. FEMA flood plain mapping is based on the current effective FEMA FIS. Iowa DNR regulatory flood plains limits are based on best available information at the time of the analysis. The best available information is typically updated more frequently than the FEMA FIS. However, local permits may only use best available information when it is more conservative than the FEMA FIS. That is, the best available information describes higher base flood elevations or more expansive special flood hazard areas.

Q. Will PERMT be revised in the future?
A. Yes. This is a new system. Modifications to the system to provide easier use, improve results, or update to current standards will be completed when identified.

Q. Will PERMT submit an application to the US Army Corps of Engineers (US ACE)?
A. PERMT does not submit your Flood Plain & Sovereign Lands Permit Application to the US Army Corps of Engineers (US ACE), Rock Island or Omaha Districts. Permit applications to US ACE can use their Regulatory Request System (RRS) on line application system. You are responsible for submitting and obtaining any US ACE required permits prior to construction. (US ACE Website: ).