White Farm Equipment
National Priority List (NPL) - Closed
SE Corner of Kellogg Ave and Rotary Park Ln , Charles City , IA 50616
Project Manager: Shelly Nellesen


From 1971 to 1985 the White Farm Equipment Company used a former sand-and-gravel pit as an industrial dump site. The company manufactured tractors and other farm equipment. Wastes disposed at the site included foundry sands, baghouse dust, and other industrial waste. Allied Products Co. purchased the site in 1986. Metal contamination of groundwater was discovered at the site. The site became a federal National Priorities List (NPL) Superfund site in 1990. The City of Charles City has water supply wells about 1000 feet southeast of the site. Investigations revealed no impact to the city wells. Cleanup actions completed in 1995 included placing a soil cap on the site, fencing the site, and long-term cap maintenance and groundwater monitoring.