White Farm Equipment
National Priority List (NPL) - Closed
SE Corner of Kellogg Ave and Rotary Park Ln , Charles City , IA 50616
Project Manager: Shelly Nellesen

Alternate Names

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Institutional Controls

Institutional Control Start Date End Date Comments Edit Delete
12 State Registry 1/15/2010 Removed from Registry 1/15/10
114 Environmental Covenant 10/16/2009 Maintain soil cap & no exacvation; no wells; no change in land use without EPA approval; maintain fence & signs

Program Type History

Program Lead Agency Start Date End Date Edit Delete
408 CERCLA Remedial EPA 8/14/2013 12/26/2019
3036 National Priority List (NPL) EPA 12/26/2019

Status History

Status Start Date End Date Edit Delete
3306 Open 2/12/1988 4/9/2019
3545 Closed 4/9/2019