FMC Corporation Ag Chemical Division
Land Recycling Program - Closed
1242 260th St , Sergeant Bluff , IA 51054
Project Manager: Jake Bucklin


The facility has been in operation at the site since 1965. Insecticides were manufactured at the facility from 1965 until 1988. The site was converted to a repackaging facility after the manufacturing process was discontinued in 1988. The 3-acre site has two buildings. The small building houses the office and employee lunch room. The large building houses the storage tanks, repackaging areas and warehouse. The bulk herbicides and insecticides are stored in above ground tanks prior to repackaging in into 15 and 110 gallon containers. 1998 product handling: Furadan 4F is stored in a 28,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon AGT. Thidodan is stored in a 8,000 gallon tank. Command 3ME is stored in two 28,000 gallon tanks. Pounce 3EC is received and stored in 300-gallon totes. Pounce 1.5G is received and stored in 50 lb bags. The Bulk liquids are received from FMC companies in New York and Wyoming. The repackaged products are shipped throughout the U.S.