FMC Corporation Ag Chemical Division
Land Recycling Program - Closed
1242 260th St , Sergeant Bluff , IA 51054
Project Manager: Jake Bucklin

Alternate Names

Alternate Name Edit Delete
9 FMC Corporation Ag Chemical Divisioin
10 EPA No. IAD078039880
11 U97-0012

Institutional Controls

Institutional Control Start Date End Date Comments Edit Delete
153 Environmental Covenant 3/10/2012
213 Environmental Covenant 3/10/2012 Prohibits groundwater use on entire site. No residential use. Maintenance and no excavation of soil cover area within fenced-in NW portion of site.

Program Type History

Program Lead Agency Start Date End Date Edit Delete
33 Land Recycling Program 9/16/2015 9/16/2015
3285 Land Recycling Program DNR 9/16/2015

Status History

Status Start Date End Date Edit Delete
36 Open 8/30/2004 12/11/2012
2823 Closed 9/16/2015