This web application contains information for the purpose of tracking regulated facilities and projects that manage, process and dispose solid waste. This includes landfills, transfer stations, household hazardous waste regional collection centers, appliance demanufacturing, composting, redemption centers, and more.


Find facility contact information for all types of solid waste facilities.

Review facility correspondence and reports.

Redemption Centers

567 IAC 107 requires that redemption centers register with the department by January 31st each year. Use the button below to start your application form.

Approved submittals are listed in the Online Redemption Center Directory.

Do I need to log in?

Most information is available through the reports section. Use the top menu to view a list of reports.

Sign In is only necessary for Department staff who enter data and regulated facilities that submit certain types of reports online (semi-annual RCC reports and quarterly tonnage fee reports).