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User Guide

In this user guide you can find more information about the Fish Kill Database and learn some of the database's features and conventions.

Finding Fish Kills

To quickly find fish kills, you may search by a text value or by map. From the Home page, click on either List of Fish Kill Events to search by text, or on Map to view a map of events. On the event list, you may search by county, cause, or create your own search by entering terms into the search box. Events with matching text will be returned.

On the map page, you may pan and zoom to areas of interest. You may also search by date by dragging the blue bar in the time slider to a different date range, or expand/contract the date range by clicking and dragging the circular handles on the time slider. The forward and back buttons on the far right of the time slider may be used move the range by yearly increments, and the play button on the left side will cycle through all events.


Do I need to log into the database?

NO! The login is for database administrators only. Other users can view all available public information without logging into the database.

How can I get more information on a particular kill event?

If you need more details about an event, please contact the local Iowa DNR Fisheries Office or IADNR Environmental Services Division Field Office. The nearest office is listed on the event's page.

How should the Fish Kill Database be cited?

Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources, 2013, Fish Kill Database, online at, accessed on (date of access).

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