Iowa City Coal Gas
CERCLA Remedial - Open
505 E Burlington St , Iowa City , IA 52244
Project Manager: Brad Davison


3/25/09 Email from Atty Jane McAllister to David Wornson attaching a title opinion and a draft environmental covenant. Email states that it is her understanding EPA has reviewed it and is acceptable subject to DNR review and comment. DW 4/14/09: JAne McAllister sent a second email with attachement to DWornson for review. DWornson sent email to Matt Culp with copy of propsed EC for his review and comment. DW 4/14/09: Email from DWornson to Jane McAllister making to three comments (1) remove references to 567 IAC 137 in first paragraph; (2) they need a subordination and consent term in the covenant or as a separate document since the title opinion identifies a mortgage; (3) need to grant access right to MidAmerica (?) as well as DNR and EPA . DWl 5/26/09: Legal recieved covenant; director signed; return to EPA. Requested copy of recorded covenant. TM 2/21/09 Peg Roy, MEC, emailed DWornson a draft EC on the "Ralston Creek" portion of this project. DWornson made some suggested revisions in December. DW 1/21/10 Peg Roy emailed DWornson a "final" Draft and DWornson emailed to Matt for comment on activity and use language. He approved. DW 2/4/10 Peg Roy emailed DWornson a "final" draft that still needed "insertions" added. DW. 3/3/10 In response to email from EPA Diane Engeman, DWornson reviewed the draft and emailed Diane Engeman, Jim Stevens and Peg Roy that DNR approved subject to completing the "insertions". Email states that DNR practice is not to have Director sign until we get confirmaiton that EPA has signed and insturctions on how to execute the signature page and where to send the original. DW