Stateline Cooperative
Chapter 133 - Open
057 Elevator Avenue E , Titonka , IA 50480
Project Manager: Andrew Carver


6/17/10 DWornson reviewed old closed contested case file. DNr issued an AO to Farmers Cooperative Elevator (Titonka) and Stateline Cooperative requiring assessment and if necessary fruther corrective action. The AO recognized that we may not have sufficient evidence that the current owner/operator caused the release so it reserved the discretion to further investigation causation and potentially allocate responsibity to prior owner/operators as well as current owner. Atty Jim Pray filed an appeal of the order while agreeing to complete the assessment phase. It appears that we completed the assessment and perhaps further corrective action was going to be done but DNR and the Atty agreed to further research prioer PRPs. The legal file ends at that point. The appeal does not apear to have been resolved and it is not clear if contaminted sites decided to push for more corrective action or not? DW