Union Pacific Railroad Fueling Facility, Mason City
CERCLA Preremedial - Closed
700 feet west of Quincy Ave. & 16 St. NW , Mason City , IA 50401
Project Manager: Hylton Jackson


This site is one of the former Chicago NW sites that were transferred to Contaminated Sites from the Emergency Response Section in 2006. The other sites include; 1.) CNW Jefferson Lease site 2.) CNW Gilmore City Lease site 3.) CNW Rolfe (a Targeted Assessment was done for this under the Brownfields program) 4.) CNW Hull Avenue Des Moines 5.) CNW Estherville Locomotive maintenance 6.) CNW Clarion 7.) CNW Grand Junction 8.) CNW Missouri Valley 9.) CNW Eagle Grove 10.) CNW Ft. Dodge 11.) CNW Bell Avenue Des Moines