LaBounty Landfill
National Priority List (NPL) - Closed
West of the Cedar River , Charles City , IA 50616
Project Manager: Matthew Graesch


From 1953 to 1977 Salisbury Laboratories disposed of over six million pounds of waste sludge at the LaBounty site. Salisbury manufactured veterinary pharmiceuticals and the waste sludge was high in arsenic. Investigations by the department and EPA in 1997/78 revealed leaching from the LaBounty landfill to the adjacent Cedar River. Salisbury constructed a clay cap over the landfill, stabilized the riverbank, and installed a groundwater monitoring network. In 1983 the site became a federal National Priorities List (NPL) Superfund site. In 1985/86 Salisbury installed an upgradient groundwater diversion wall to prevent groundwater from moving through the landfill. The site was removed from the NPL and groundwater and surface water monitoring continue. The amount of contaminants leaching to the Cedar River have decreased substantially. Arsenic levels in the Cedar River downgradient of the site are consistently comply with water quality standards. No off-site groundwater impacts have been identified.