New Century FS
Chapter 133 - Open
806 1st Ave , Van Horne , IA 52346
Project Manager: Matthew Graesch


New Century FS, located at 806 1st avenue in Van Horne, is an agricultural cooperative. On January 30, 2023 the DNR FO1 received a call notifying them of a diesel spill which had been ongoing at this facility. It was later found that 2060 gallons of diesel had been released from a fuel island over an approximate three-week timeframe. Multiple factors including a broken valve and a secondary containment failure led to the release. The diesel is believed to have followed an electrical conduit leading underneath a building where it then entered an underground tile which surfaced approximately 250’ to the sw. This tile daylights in a small catch basin which has another tile on the opposite end which leads to a drainage ditch. This drainage ditch is approximately 650’ with a tile intake at the lower end. The tile goes one mile through a farm field and daylights at 71st street in an unnamed tributary to Prairie Creek. The extent of the contamination is believed to be approximately two miles downstream. Weather conditions and the extent of the release resulted in a slowed initial cleanup. HK Solutions Inc, an industrial cleaning company, was onsite for the duration of the cleanup. The two-month process consisted of cleanup of the downstream extent as well as jetting the initial tile line leading from the building multiple times and creating a capture basin at its outfall to collect residual product. Containment basins were created at the bottom of the drainage ditch to collect contaminated water as it flowed through the drainage ditch. The drainage ditch was excavated to sight and smell. The water in the containment basins was allowed to be discharged to the unnamed tributary once it reached allowable levels as per the DNR NPDES section. The contaminated soil was removed and the area was leveled back out and will be seeded when applicable. To date over 50,000 gallons of contaminated water has been sent to HK’s processing center in Des Moines. 283 tons of contaminated soil has been taken to the land fill and 1700-1900 gallons of diesel is estimated to have been recovered.