Electrolux Home Products, Inc., Jefferson
EPA Lead - Open
601 EAST CENTRAL STREET , Jefferson , IA 50129
Project Manager: Matthew Graesch


This site was referred to EPA and is engaged in the RCRA 20/20 program Project Manager Cindy Hutchinson 2019: Worked with new(er) EPA project manager Brian Mitchell on trying to better select locations for new deep monitoring wells since the 2018 wells were not successful in locating the braided buried sand and gravel aquifer used by the City of Jefferson. The contamination on site remains undefined in the Z dimension. Iowa DNR suggests drilling deeper on site. EPA responds that this is not an option. 7/23/19: Spoke with Douglas Arnold from Alston and Bird (law firm representing Electrolux). They inquired again in 2019 about joining the Iowa LRP. I instructed them that joining the LRP was fundamentally possible, but that it would REQUIRE active remediation on site since the goal of the LRP is not necessarily the same as the goal of CERCLA. He is going to speak with his client on the matter. MG