Des Moines Two Rivers MGP
Land Recycling Program - Closed
SE 2nd St and E Market St , Des Moines , IA 50309
Project Manager: Andrew Carver

Alternate Names

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Institutional Controls

Institutional Control Start Date End Date Comments Edit Delete
18 Environmental Easement 5/1/2005 Environmental easement prohibiting residential development, well installations, and subsurface structures placed on all parcels and reliance upon City ordinance prohibiting well installations.
116 Local Ordinances 8/1/2009 Polk County Department of Health Groundwater Ordinance Chapter IV Section 49.3(11)
117 Environmental Covenant 7/23/2009 For the property owned by MidAmerican Energy
118 Environmental Covenant 9/10/2009 For the property not owned by MidAmerican Energy

Program Type History

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3276 Land Recycling Program DNR 10/12/2010

Status History

Status Start Date End Date Edit Delete
451 Open 1/10/2006 10/12/2010
1805 Closed 10/12/2010