Marengo Coal Gas
Chapter 133 - Open
Marengo Ave and E Miller St , Marengo , IA 52301
Project Manager: Brad Davison

Alternate Names

Alternate Name Edit Delete
86 IAD984571547

Institutional Controls

Institutional Control Start Date End Date Comments Edit Delete
14 Environmental Easement 8/2/2005 Water well installation is prohibited; land use is limited to commercial or industrial; storage of wastes/chemicals/hazardous materials is prohibited on site; a health and safety plan for any subusrface activity is required; animal grazing or cultiva

Program Type History

Program Lead Agency Start Date End Date Edit Delete
415 CERCLA Removal 2/25/2008 9/12/2023
3253 Chapter 133 DNR 9/12/2023

Status History

Status Start Date End Date Edit Delete
435 Closed 2/25/2008 9/12/2023
3983 Open 9/12/2023