Peoples Natural Gas
National Priority List (NPL) - Open
502 East 11th St , Dubuque , IA 52001
Project Manager: Brad Davison

Alternate Names

Alternate Name Edit Delete
72 EPA ID: IAD980852578
73 Peoples Natural Gas Company
407 Dubuque Coal Gas
1481 Midwest Gas

Institutional Controls

Institutional Control Start Date End Date Comments Edit Delete
77 State Registry 5/17/1990 8/21/2017 See IDNR Contaminated Sites web site data base for more information
184 Environmental Covenant 9/2/2015 Updated environmental covenant to meet Iowa Code 455I requierments
187 Environmental Covenant 5/10/2016 For the Iowa DOT right-of-way found on the Peoples Natural Gas contaminated site.

Program Type History

Program Lead Agency Start Date End Date Edit Delete
220 CERCLA Remedial EPA 10/7/2005 12/26/2019
3044 National Priority List (NPL) EPA 12/26/2019

Status History

Status Start Date End Date Edit Delete
238 Open 10/7/2005 12/26/2019
4019 Open 12/26/2019