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QAQC stands for "Quality Assurance/Quality Control". This is a process to verify that the data contained within the BioNet database is accurate.

You may see a notice on various sampling sessions such as the following:

Notice: This sampling session has not been through a Quality Assurance check and may contain errors. This alert will be removed once the QA has been completed.

This indicates that the sampling session has not yet been through the Quality Assurance verification process. The data is most likely correct, it just has not been verified yet. The QA process involves having data entry personnel immediately recheck their database entries from each field sheet. An independent reviewer then confirms the accuracy of the data. Any corrections are made, and the sample can be marked as QA complete. Database administrators also occasionally perform random checks in which entered data are compared to field sheet data. In the past, these random checks have indicated an error rate of less than 1%. This process also allows the database administrators to determine if there are general trends in faulty data, and may result in improvements to the data collection or data entry processes.

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