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Fish Sampling Methodology

Fish sampling for the Biological Assessment program currently has three standard methodologies.

  • Standard Wadeable - Denotes wadeable streams where the standard protocols for electrofishing gear was used. Depending on the stream's width and depth, sampling crews will use between one and three backpack shockers. Larger, deeper streams may also use a "Barge" shocker. 
  • Non-wadeable - Indicates the stream is non-wadeable, and therefore a boat shocker was employed in fish sampling. Because of the size and depth of the stream/river and the nature of boat shocking, the fish sampling results can be biased towards larger fish species and individuals.
  • Fishkill Follow-up - This method is nearly identical to the Standard Wadeable method, except that the sampling session may not have used the standard number of electro-shockers or covered the minimum acceptable distance (at least 500 feet).

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