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API Changelog

This changelog lists all additions and updates to the AQuIA API, in chronological order. For more information about the API, view the documentation guide.

API v1 Announcement - 28 June 2023

API v1 Announcement - 21 Apr 2023

  • New API documentation! Version 1 is now finalized, and any breaking changes will be reserved for a new version.
  • The endpoints results/by_site and results/by_site/{id}/summary now have optional parameters startDate and endDate.
  • The endpoint results/by_site has an optional filter parameter as well. See the documentation for more information.

API v1 Update - 22 Mar 2022

  • Endpoint HEAD results/by_site/{id}/has_results/{casrn} has been removed. It has been replaced by GETresults/by_site/{id}/has_results/. This is a breaking change if you were using the HEAD endpoint.

Previous EndpointNew Endpoint
Endpoint VerbHEADGET
Endpoint RESTapi/v1/results/by_site/{id}/has_results/{casrn}api/v1/results/by_site/{id}/has_results/
Optional CasRN ExampleExample:api/v1/results/by_site/{id}/has_results/FLOW. Can also use a comma-separated list:
Example:api/v1/results/by_site/{id}/has_results/?casrn=FLOW. Can also use a comma-separated list:
Return if data present, no CasRN200 OK{"hasResults":true}
Return if data present, one CasRN
200 OK{"hasResults":true}
Return if data present, multiple CasRNs
200 OK{"hasResults":true,"analytes":[{"casrn":"FLOW","hasResults":true},{"casrn":"534-52-1","hasResults":false},{"casrn":"7782-44-7","hasResults":true}]}
Return no data present, no CasRN404 Not Found (Bug in API){"hasResults":false}
Return no data present, one CasRN404 Not Found{"hasResults":false}
Return invalid site id
404 Not Found
404 Not Found

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