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User Guide

In this user guide you can find more information about AQuIA and learn some of the database's features and conventions.


Do I Need to Login?

NO! The login is for database administrators only. Other users can view all available public information without logging into the database.

How Do I Find Data?

Depending on what you're looking for, there are several ways to find data in AQuIA. All begin on the Home page, under the "Search the database" column on the left-hand side.

The most commonly used method to find data will be clicking on "Data Search". From that page, you can select a facility to choose what type of data you want. For example, surface water data (lakes, wetlands, rivers, etc) collected by IADNR will be under the facility called '21IOWA'. For more information on which data each facility contains, please view the facilities page.

After selecting a facility, the next requirement is to select a query type. Here, you may search by one or more sites, by a group, by a task code (task codes are individual programs within a facility, such as the AMBIENT monitoring program in 21IOWA), by analyte, or by analyte group. The options presented after selecting a query type will be based on the query type selected. Continuing should be self-explanatory- no PhD required!

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