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Use Designations

Class A1
Class B(WW-1)
Class HH
Class C


Waterbody Type Segment ID Segment Size HUC8
River 927 14 Miles 07080105

IA 03-SSK-0010_3
Prior to the 2008 Section 305(b) cycle, this river segment was designated only for Class B(WW) aquatic life uses, including fish consumption uses. Due to changes in Iowa’s surface water classification that were approved by U.S. EPA in February 2008, and results of an Use Attainability Analysis, this segment is also now designated for Class A1 (primary contact recreation) uses. This segment remains designated for warmwater aquatic life use (now termed Class B(WW1) uses), and for fish consumption uses (now termed Class HH (human health/fish consumption uses).


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