Operator Certification

Qualified and well-trained Drinking Water and Wastewater operators play a vital role in drinking water quality. The Water Supply Operations Section is responsible for certifying Public Water Supply Treatment and Distribution Operators, as well as Wastewater Treatment Operators as prescribed by Chapter 81 of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC). The purpose of the Operator Certification program is to ensure that water and wastewater operators have sufficient knowledge and experience to properly operate the system, in turn protecting human health and the environment.
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What is the Operator Certification Examination Process?
    • You can submit an Eligibility Exam Application.
    • You can process your Renewal Application.
    • You can submit payment for exam, retest, certification, and renewal fees.
    • Exams are administered in the regional DNR field offices by appointment.


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* Applications that are not completed within 30 days of the create date will be deleted