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Fish Kill Event - Roberts Creek

through Boardman Township, Sections 13, 24, 25, and 36 in Clayton County, just east of Elkader, Iowa.

Event ID
Date of Kill
Waterbody Type
Cause Origin
1 (1 - 100 fish killed)
Estimated Fish Killed
Kill Length
2.50 miles
Investigation Expenses
ESD Field Office
FO 1
Fisheries Office
Decorah State Hatchery
Created Date
11/9/2020 2:26:34 PM
Last Update
11/9/2020 2:26:34 PM
For more information about this fish kill event, contact the Field Office or Fisheries Office listed above.
Impacted Assessment Segments
Lat/Long uses WGS84 datum
Onsite Comments

Fisheries Technician Wayne Wingert was contacted by a local resident who had observed fish dying at the mouthof Roberts Creek during a canoe trip down the Turkey River on Saturday afternoon on July 18, 2020. He did not pass thatinformation on to Wayne until Sunday morning July 19, 2020, who then passed that information on to Fisheries BiologistGary Siegwarth that evening. In coordination with the Decorah fish management, Gary Siegwarth arrived on site Mondaymorning July 20, 2020 to determine the upper and lower extent of the kill. Siegwarth began his investigation in St. Olaf bylooking for evidence of dead fish at each bridge site downstream. The first dead fish were found just below the low waterbridge on 250th street. Dead fish were also located around the lowermost bridge of Roberts Creek on Grape Road justupstream from the confluence with the Turkey River. Fish were in the latter stages of decay because of the length of timethat had passed since the kill was first observed on Saturday afternoon. Recalling a similar kill several years ago that beganright below Three Rivers FS, Siegwarth drove to that location to check it out and observed water being pumped from abuilding, across the chemical loading/mixing yard and into a short drainage ditch that leads to the Turkey River. The yardmanager mentioned that it was liquid from a secondary containment area that was being discharged. Siegwarth then contactedEPD in Manchester to report what had been found.

Because of the lack of access on that stretch of Roberts Creek, Siegwarth conducted a total count of the area by canoe. Thecount was underrepresented due to dead fish removed by predators and those that washed into the Turkey River.

Species identification were possible for all fish carcasses observed. The following species were identified: blacknose dace,common shiner, horneyhead chubs, stoneroller, white sucker, golden & shorthead redhorse, carpsucker and smallmouthbass.