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The following small projects are currently letting for bids on the dates indicated. Interested bidders may contact the DNR staff member listed for detailed information about each project. These projects have also been posted on the Certified Targeted Small Business web site. Additional bidders may be solicited directly by the DNR contact based on geographic location, previous work with the State of Iowa or construction specialty. The projects listed are estimated to have construction costs of $100,000.00 or less and are being let utilizing the State of Iowa Competitive Quotation process as defined and governed under Section 561 of the Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 8.

County: WORTH
Project Number: 17-03-98-02
Area: Elk Creek WMA
Project Name: Replace Water Control Structure
Bid Date: 08/24/2017
Contact: Mel Pacovsky
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Project Description: Project consists of removal of existing structure & pipe, furnishing and installing water control structure & outlet culvert, placement of riprap on inlet & outlet, backfilling structure, and seeding disturb areas on Elk River WMA near Joice, Worth co., Iowa. Plan & proposal may be obtain by emailing name, address, and phone number.

County: HENRY
Project Number: 17-06-44-02
Area: Geode
Project Name: Drawdown Lake
Bid Date: 08/24/2017
Contact: Michael Dufoe
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Project Description: The Iowa DNR would like to drawdown Geode Lake for a future lake restoration project. The sluice gate controlling the water levels was previously removed and a plate was placed at an intake in the lake with over 40' water depth. This project includes re-installing the existing sluice gate within the 53' deep dam tower and using divers to remove the steel plate at the intake to begin drawing down the lake.

County: GREENE
Project Number: 17-02-37-01
Area: Saylorville Wildlife Unit
Project Name: Dunbar slough boat ramp
Bid Date: 08/24/2017
Contact: Don Labate
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Project Description: This project entails the construction of a concrete boat ramp over an existing rock ramp and minor grading. All work is at Dunbar Slough in Greene County, Iowa.