Underground Storage Tank Online Renewal Renewal Year 2024

Annual Renewal of UST Tank Management Tags

Every year all owners with active and temporarily closed regulated underground storage tanks greater than 1100 gallons must complete the annual renewal process. This includes sites in delivery prohibition status.

During the renewal process you can provide updated financial responsibility documentation (pollution liability and accidental release insurance), A/B operator certification and new contact information. The application form will include the date of the last biennial compliance inspection on record at the DNR.

The annual tank management fee of $65 per compartment is due by January 15. At the end of the renewal process you will be given the choice to pay via echeck or print your summary and mail it with a check. Checks received without the printed summary will be returned to the sender. Credit Card payments are not accepted at this time.

Your renewal and payment must be completed by February 28. Any renewals or payments received on or after March 1 are assessed a $250 per compartment late fee.

Payment of fees does not mean your facility is authorized to operate. Tank tags will not be issued if financial responsibility (pollution liability and accidental release insurance) is not current, a compliance inspection was not completed within the last 2 years or there are outstanding compliance violations.


The tank system must be in compliance with state regulations in order to obtain annual tags which are required to receive fuel. Underground tanks that are in temporary closure or delivery prohibition do not receive annual tank tags.

Annual tank management tags are good April 1 through March 31 of the following year. Annual tags must be on the fill ports no later than April 1.

The information contained in this application is public information – anyone can view renewal data for a facility, however; once a user selects “Pay with eCheck (ACH)”, they will be directed to a secure webpage for payment. UST Prevention Staff at the Iowa DNR will review modifications made to facility information prior to approval of a renewal.

Please use the information on the Contact page if you have questions or concerns regarding information or accessibility.

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Annual Tank Management Tags must be attached to the fill port by April 1