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Black Redhorse Moxostoma duquesnei

Catostomidae (Suckers)
Trophic Class
Benthic Invertivore
Is Exotic to Iowa?
Is Lithophilous Spawner?
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State Listing Status
Assessment Program Statistics

This species was found at 34 bioassessment sites, 0 rapid fish bioassessment sites, 23 fisheries assessment sites, and 1 fisheries presence-only assessment site. In total, it was collected at 57 distinct sites, or 4.4% of the 1285 total sites monitored by the bioassessment program. It is the 63rd most commonly collected species.

The Black Redhorse was collected in 81 bioassessment sampling sessions and 127 fisheries assessment sessions. It was present in 0 rapid bioassessment sessions and 1 presence-only session.

The biological assessment program has collected a total of 6,001 individual Black Redhorse specimens, ranking it the #36 most collected fish.

Species Characteristics

A slender, fine-scaled sucker similar in appearance to the Golden Redhorse. Dark olive-green body with brassy sides and white belly. The fins, especially the dorsal and tailfin, are dark, slate-gray. The lateral line is complete with 44 to 47 small scales, which distinguishes it from the Golden Redhorse. Pharyngeal teeth are narrow and fragile. Breeding males develop small tubercules over much of the body. It's a small sucker; few weigh more than 2 pounds and 17-inches long.

Species Distribution Map