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Whittemore 23 - #71736
Field Office 2
505 180th Street West Bend, IA 50597
Kossuth County,  Whittemore Township
SE 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 23, T095N, R30W
East Fork Des Moines / Hine Creek Watershed

 Facility Summary
Current Contacts
  Name Role
  Mountain Ventures LLP  Owner 
  Scott Jacobsen  Contact 
Type Total Current AU Capacity
  Confinement  1999.60 

Animal Data Summary
Animal Type Head AU Operation Type
  Swine Grow to Finish  4999  1999.60  Confinement 

Feature Summary (Storage, Production, Sampling)
Feature Type Feature Date Authorized Operation Type
  Production Area  Confinement Building - Deep Pit  09/07/2021  Confinement 
  Storage Structure  Below Building Pits - Deep  09/07/2021  Confinement 

Nutrient Management and Construction Reviews (Field Office)
Plan Type Status Date Approved Operation Type
  Pindex MMP -short form      Confinement 
  Pindex MMP -original  Approved  07/28/2022  Confinement 
  Pindex MMP -original  Approved  12/16/2021  Confinement 
  Pindex MMP -original  Approved  07/22/2021  Confinement 

Construction Reviews (Central Office)
Application Type Status Days In House Issued Date Operation Type
  Confinement - Formed Storage¬†  Authorized to Use  50  09/07/2021  Confinement 

NPDES Permits
NPDES Permit Number Status Issued Date Expiration Date

Compliance and Complaints
Staff Action Date Action Taken Staff Member Operation Type
  Inspection / Inspection / Inspection #82807  09/22/2021  No violation, no action recommended  Jeremy Klatt  Confinement 
  Visit / AFO New Owner Compliance Review / Visit #156240  12/28/2021  No violation, but some action recommended (verbal or written)  Daniel Watterson  Confinement 
  Visit / Visit / Visit #154372  09/17/2021  No violation, no action recommended  Sheila Bly  Confinement 
  Work Request / Investigation for Work Request / Work Request #5187  07/23/2021  No violation, but some action recommended (verbal or written)  Sheila Bly  Confinement 

Environmental Review (GeoReview)
Action Type Date Operation Type

Fee Summary
Fee Action Type Amount Date Received
  Construction Permit Fee Received  250.00  07/16/2021 
  Indemnity Fee Received  299.94  07/16/2021 
  MMP Filing Fee Received  250.00  07/16/2021