Animal Feeding Operation - FAQ

FAQ’s for Electronic MMP Submittal (EMMP’s)

What are the benefits for submitting my MMP electronically?

A. Submitting electronically saves both time and money. A copy of the electronic submittal is sent to the County, eliminating the need to deliver a copy of the MMP to the County Courthouse.

Can I submit my yearly short form and my 4 year complete MMP both electronically?

Unfortunately not yet. You can submit your yearly short forms three years out of four. Submitting the complete form in the fourth year is for future developmen

What is an A&A account?

Enterprise A&A (Authentication & Authorization) is a service provided by the State of Iowa. It is meant to replace all of the various user name/password combinations used by different web applications, and provide a "one-stop shop" for managing your identity information with the State.

How do I create an A&A account?

Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

What is a Pin Number? Why do I need one?

Every owner of an animal feeding operation required to submit a manure management plan will receive a PIN number. The PIN number secures the relationship with the owner and the facility in the eMMP application.

I have a consultant can I share my PIN number with that person?

No, it is not recommended. Any one with the PIN number has the ability to change sensitive information in the application that only owners should have access to.

Can my consultant submit and pay on my behalf?

Yes, Once the owner has logged in to the eMMP application they can then assign rights to an individual to submit and pay on the owner’s behalf. Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

I lost my PIN, now what do I do?

You can contact your local Field Office and they can reset your pin. A new PIN letter can either be emailed or mailed to the owner.

The consultant I was using has retired, how can I change who has edit/submit rights?

Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

Who has access to my EMMP information?

The PIN owner has control over the access granted to non-owners. The PIN holder has limited edits rights in the database. An owner can grant access to whoever they chose by entering that person’s email address. That person will receive an email that says they have been granted access and the facility(s) will be populated into that person’s (who received the email) dashboard. They will then have the ability to submit the short form and make payment. They will have more stringent edit rights than than PIN Holder.

How do I pay online? What forms of payment do you accept?

eMMP allows for the following online payment types: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and eCheck. Or, you can submit the plan online and mail in a check.

How many people can split the payment for one facility? I own with my 2 siblings.

If you want to submit and pay electronically, you can only make 1 payment. So you could submit the payment (by credit card or electronic check) and then have your 2 siblings write you a check for their share. OR You can submit the short form electronically, select payment method as check, print off the invoice and submit the 3 paper checks and invoice to the DNR office.

Are there any fees associated with EMMP submittal?

There will be a $5 convenience fee charged for a credit card transaction regardless of how many facilities are in that transaction. There are no fees for electronic checks or mailing checks.

Can a print a copy of my EMMP and a receipt for my fees?

Once the Short Form is submitted and payment is received in full, you can print a copy of the Short Form and payment receipt.

How do I correct an error after I’ve submitted my EMMP?

If you feel like an error has occurred with your submittal please contact your respective field office for assistance. For contact information, Click on the “Contact” tab at the top of the eMMP webpage []

How do I make additions to my MMP after it’s submitted?

Once submitted no changes can be made to the eMMP submittal. If changes have occured to the animal feeding operation that impact the manure management plan, ensure that the long form MMP at facility is kept updated. The next short form annual update must be representative of the current long form MMP copy.

Who do I call for technical assistance?

The six regional DNR Field Offices should be able to help answer your questions pertaining to eMMP. The “Contacts” heading has each Field Office and the Administrative Assistant’s phone number listed.

Can I ask questions online?

Yes, there is a email address on the “Contacts” page. Or you can contact your local field office for personal assistance.

Can I do this on my smartphone or do I need an actual computer?

The eMMP works on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone.

How do I get a copy to the county and get a county signature?

If you submit online using the eMMP application, the county will automatically be notified. You no longer need to have a county signature unless you are submitting on paper.

Can I submit for all of my sites at once?

No. You can submit Short Forms 60 days ahead of the month due.

Can I change the month my MMP is due?

No you can not change when the MMP is due. You can submit your Short Form 60 days ahead of the month due.

I submitted my eMMP last month and have since added fields to my plan, do I need to resubmit?

No. Any changes that occur after submittal of the MMP should be made to the on-site MMP. The addition of the field should be indicated on the MMP submittal in the subsequent year.

How do I complete my electronic short form annual update?

Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

Who has access to my eMMP information?

Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

Editing a Contact

Follow the step by step instructions found at this link Here

Following my submission, I didn’t get a verification email from DNR

Check spam and junk mail folders OR Please contact local field office.