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North Raccoon River IA 04-RAC-1132

from confluence with Indian Cr. (S24 T87N R36W Sac Co.) to confluence with Cedar Cr. in S25 T88N R36W Sac Co.

Cycle Status Overall Category
2020 Final 4
2018 Final 4
2016 Final 4
Legacy Assessments
2014 Final
2012 Final
2010 Final
2008 Final
2006 Final
2004 Final
2002 Final
Segment ID
Segment Size
6.21 Miles
Legacy ADBCode
IA 04-RAC-0040_6
Prior to the 2008 IR cycle, this segment had Class A primary contact recreation and Class B(WW) warmwater aquatic life (including fish consumption) designated uses. Due to changes in Iowa’s surface water classification approved by U.S. EPA in 2008, this segment now has Class A1 primary contact recreation, Class BWW1 warmwater aquatic life, and Class HH (human health/fish consumption) designated uses.
Use Designations
  • Class A1
    Recreation : Primary contact
  • Class BWW1
    Aquatic Life : Warm Water Type 1
  • Class HH
    Human Health
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