DNR Well Search Logon      
1.Existing Account
   A. DNR Employees: Log on using your Windows login ID and Password.       Example: firstname.lastname@dnr.iowa.gov
   B. Other Users: Log on using your A&A ID.
      Example: firstname.lastname@iowaid

2.New Accounts: The DNR is using the State of IOWA's universal login   process known as A&A. You will need to request an A&A ID and then   request access to this application.These steps explain how to create an   account after you click on "Logon" below.

Create A&A Account 1)Click on link below.
2)In A&A, click on the "Create An Account" tab.
3)After completing the request for a new account, you will be    sent an email with instructions to complete your registration    which will include establishing some security quesitons.
4)Click on the link in the email to initiate your request for an    A&A account for Well Search.
Get Permission for Well Search 5)Return to this page and click Logon. You will be directed to    request permission for Well Search.
6)Please wait one business day for your request to be   processed.
Start Using Well Search 7)After one business day, return here and click Logon to log   into Well Search.
  If you have problems getting into the application, please
 send an email to HelpDesk@dnr.iowa.gov.
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