Volunteer Wildlife Monitoring Program

Select Location

Use the map to locate the nest location and click to add the point, then click "Continue" to finish filling out the nest information.

  1. If on a PC, click and hold to move map around.
  2. If on a PC, scrolling up on your mouse will zoom in, scrolling down will scroll out.
  3. Click on the Basemap menu to change the background map from roads and landmarks to aerial photography.
  4. To see the names of water bodies change the basemap to "Aerial Photo With Roads".
  5. The point won't be recorded until you click the "continue" button so feel free to continue to adjust the point by continuing to point and click until you are satisfied, then click continue to record it.

Search by Address; City; Zip code or Lat,Long

Clicked Point - Most recent selected point. The location of the new nest.