Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP)

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What is SWAP?

The Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) is a financial assistance program with a primary objective of assisting in the reduction of the amount of solid waste generated and the amount of solid waste landfilled in the state of Iowa. To this end, SWAP provides financial support for the development and implementation of Best Practices, Education and Market Development projects that focus on waste reduction and landfill diversion.

Who can apply?

The program is available to businesses, government agencies, public and private groups and individuals to help fund programs resulting in Iowa landfill diversion through waste reduction, reuse and recycling-based projects.

How does SWAP benefit Iowans?

Since its inception, SWAP has provided support to hundreds of projects across the state that continue to save money, create jobs, increase revenue and preserve Iowa's land, air and water resources. Since 1988, SWAP has assisted in diverting millions of tons of solid waste from Iowa landfills. This diversion represents real and significant improvements to the lives of Iowans through:
  • Conservation of Iowa's natural resources
  • Protection of Iowa's water quality
  • Reductions in Iowa's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Strengthening Iowa's economy through job creation, cost savings, provision of production materials, business expansion
Note: Information in this database is provided as reported to SWAP by each contractor during their contract reporting period only.