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Access information on SWAP, Solid Waste Environmental Management System (EMS), & Derelict Building Program projects by using the search options below. The database allows for project searches by city name, county name, contract number, organization name (i.e. contractor name), funding round, and project keyword search. Click on the “What’s This?” pop-up help links below for search assistance.

Note: Project category and/or sub-category selections only need to be made if you want to search for projects using those parameters. For any other search criteria (contract number, county, etc.), simply enter the search information into the Criteria field below and select the corresponding search type in the “Search By:” drop-down menu.

When searching for projects using multiple words or phrases in the Search Criteria field, be sure to separate each word or phrase using quotations. For example, when searching for all projects in Iowa cities of Davenport and Newton, select City in the drop-down "Search By" menu, and then enter "Davenport" "Newton" in the Criteria field. You may also search by phrases – for example, to search by project keyword, you can select Project Summary Keyword in the drop-down Search By menu and then enter "environmental education" "curbside recycling" to search for projects that contain these key phrases. You may search using up to three words/phrases at a time.

Re-sort any resulting project lists by clicking on the desired sort category name at the top of the Search Results page.

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