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 Mallard Water Supply

PWSID: 7450019   Superintendent: MALLARD WATER SUPPLY
Water Source: Ground Water   Phone Number: 712-425-3529
PWS Type: Community   Mailing Address: ATTN LARRY AKRIDGE WATER SUPT
Population:  279                             605 INMAN
                              MALLARD IA 50562

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 Well Information
Geosam Link Tag ID Local Name Drill Date Aquifer Depth (ft) Status
2863 1030260 Mallard #3 1/5/1947 Dakota 205 Active
34311 1030261 Mallard #5 10/25/1993 Dakota 203 Active
40692 Mallard #4 1/1/1961 Dakota 192 Plugged
40693 Mallard #2 3/1/1933 Dakota 235 Not Used
40694 Mallard #1 1/1/1904 Alluvial 36 Not Used

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