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 Hazleton Water Supply

PWSID: 1031044   Superintendent: HAZLETON WATER SUPPLY
Water Source: Ground Water   Phone Number: 319-636-2539
PWS Type: Community   Mailing Address: ATTN MICHAEL LOOMIS WATER SUPT
Population:  823                             PO BOX 500
                              HAZLETON IA 50641-0500

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 Well Information
Geosam Link Tag ID Local Name Drill Date Aquifer Depth (ft) Status
6208 1010439 Hazleton #1 8/14/1953 Silurian 65 Standby
27535 1010440 Hazleton #3 (W27535) 1/1/1985 Cambrian-Ordovician 1201 Active
40205 Hazleton #3 (W40205) 1/1/1980 Silurian 69 Plugged
40206 Hazleton #2 Silurian 100 Not Used

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