Natural Resources GIS Library Coverages


Airports Landing facilities in the state of Iowa as supplied by the FAA


bed_breakfast Bed & Breakfast Lodgings in Iowa


Cemeteries Cemetery Boundaries of Iowa


cemeteries_points Cemeteries of Iowa, Represented by the Centroid of the Area


dams Inventory of Dams for the state of Iowa as recorded by the Iowa DNR


ethanol_biodiesel_facilities Ethanol and Biodiesel Facilities in the State of Iowa


Highway Major highways of Iowa


Hospitals Hospitals in Iowa


interstate Interstate Highways in Iowa


Iowa_roads Road System in Iowa


Iowa_Roads_2006 Road Centerlines of Iowa, 2006, from DOT County-wide GIMS files


K-12_schools PreK-12 Schools in Iowa


Levee_centerlines Levee Centerlines in Iowa


major_pipelines Pipelines Traversing the State of Iowa


municipal_landfills Municipal Landfills in the State of Iowa


municipal_utilities_electric Iowa Electric Municipal Utilities (2004)


municipal_utilities_gas Iowa Natural Gas Municipal Utilities (2006)


museum State of Iowa Museums


rail_lines Current and Historic Rail Lines in Iowa


railroads_current Current Rail Lines in Iowa


rendering_facilities Animal Rendering Facilities in the State of Iowa


service_facilities Service Facilities (Business Locations) in Iowa


service_facilities_public Service Facilities (Business Locations) in Iowa, Public Version


wind_farms Wind Farm Locations in Iowa


wind_turbines Wind Turbine Locations in Iowa