Natural Resources GIS Library Coverages


aggregate_source_beds Active Aggregate Source Beds Specified by the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Materials for use as Roadway Materials


Alluvial Alluvial Soils in Iowa, as a 30 Meter GRID format


Alluvial_deposits Alluvial Deposits of Iowa


Bedrock_Faults Iowa Bedrock Faults


Bedrock_Geologic_Map Bedrock Geologic Map of Iowa


Bedrock_geology Iowa Bedrock Geology


bedrock_surface_elevation Iowa Bedrock Surface Elevation


bedrock_surface_hillshade Iowa Bedrock Topography Hillshade


Bedrock_topography Iowa Bedrock Topography


coalmine_entrances Entrance Points to Coal Mines in Iowa


coalmine_maps_georeferenced Georeferenced Coalmine Maps of Iowa


coalmine_maps_non-georeferenced Iowa Coal Mine Maps, Non-georeferenced Individual Images


coalmine_polys Known and Approximate Areas of Coal Mines in Iowa


coalmine_pts Coal Mine point locations in Iowa


Coalmines Coal Mine Database of Iowa, Including mine maps, Outlines, and Entrances


depth_to_bedrock Estimated Depth to Bedrock of Iowa as a 110-meter pixel, 32-bit Imagine Format Raster Dataset


depth_to_bedrock_contours Depth to Bedrock: Isopach of Unconsolidated Materials


Des_Moines_Lobe Des Moines Lobe Glacial Boundaries


geochemical_survey National Geochemical Survey Locations and Results for Iowa


geologic_bedrock_exposures Bedrock Exposures of Iowa


Geologic_sampling_points Iowa Geologic sampling points


geologic_stratigraphy_points Iowa Stratigraphic Data Points


karst Potential Karst Geology of Iowa (GRID format)


Landform_Regions The Landform Regions of Iowa


Landforms_old Simplified Landform Regions of Iowa; 1:1,000,000 scale

Lead_mine_map_1858 1858 Dubuque Area Lead Mine Map


Lead_mine_map_1858_anno 1858 Dubuque Area Lead Mine Map Annotation


Lineated_Inliers Lineated Inliers Landform Features of Iowa


Lineated_Ridges Lineated Ridges Landform Features of Iowa


major_land_resource_areas Major Land Resource Area Geographic Database of Iowa


Mines_1996 Registered noncoal mineral production sites within the State of Iowa


Mines_1997 Registered noncoal mineral production sites within the State of Iowa


Mines_2000 Registered noncoal mineral production sites within the State of Iowa for year 2000


Paha_Ridges Paha Ridges Landform Features of Iowa


Parabolic_Dunes Parabolic Dune Landform Features of Iowa


RUSLE_I_10 Sheet and Rill Erosion Prediction for Iowa, as a 30 meter integer GRID format


sinkhole_points Current and Historic Sinkhole and Depression locations in Iowa


sinkhole_polys Current Sinkhole Boundaries in Iowa


Soils Soils of Iowa, as a 30 Meter GRID format


soils_SSURGO_lines Soil Survey (SSURGO) Geographic Database Line Features of Iowa


soils_SSURGO_spots Soil Survey (SSURGO) Geographic Database Spot Features of Iowa