The 2002 CIR aerial photography can be adjusted to make the images appear sharper.  The flatness of the colors is due mainly to the mosaicking process.  It is easy to adjust these images to improve the contrast.  If you look at the image below, you can see the image on the right appears "washed out." 


To make this image look like the one on the left, just double click the cover that you want to change to bring up the legend editor:


Then click the Linear button:


On these three bands (the three colored lines), you want to increase the steepness of the slope of the lines by moving the top "square" to the left, bringing out more contrast:


Now move the lines to the right, using the middle "square", to decrease their brightness:


Hit apply and take a look at the image, repeat if necessary, a little at a time, you can come up with an image that looks pretty similar to the other one: