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Generate KML (LandCover/Land_Cover)

    Land Cover 2009 (1m) (0)
    Forest Land Cover 2009 (1m) (1)
    Land Cover 2002(2)
    Land Cover 1990(3)
    Land Cover 1985(4)
    Change Detection 1990-2002(5)
      Forest to Anything(6)
      Grass - Hay to Rowcrop(7)
      Rotational to Grassland(8)
      Rowcrop - Hay to Artificial(9)
      Anything to Artificial(10)
      Anything to Forest(11)
      Wetland - Water to Anything(12)
      Grass to Grass(13)
    Change Detection 1985-2002(14)
      Forest to Anything(15)
      Grass - Hay to Rowcrop(16)
      Rotational to Grassland(17)
      Rowcrop - Hay to Artificial(18)
      Anything to Artificial(19)
      Anything to Forest(20)
      Wetland - Water to Anything(21)
      Grass to Grass(22)
    Land Cover Persistance 1985-2002(23)
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