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 FKID#Date of KillOrigin WaterbodyCountyTypeCauseSpill TypeAW SourceAW Animal#Fish Killed
>>9044/21/2016Unnamed Drainage DitchMonroe Human Wastewater - Public or Private --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--284
>>9174/28/2016Wapsipinicon RiverMitchell Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--420
>>9055/16/2016McLoud RunLinn Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--319
>>9127/1/2016Barry CreekO'Brien Human Spill/Runoff Animal Waste ConfinementHogs2480
>>9157/18/2016Lake Red RockMarion Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--12
>>9007/18/2016Buck CreekDelaware Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--41665
>>9117/29/2016Cedar Fork CreekDes Moines Human Crop Spraying --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--53666
>>9108/2/2016Big CreekDes Moines Human Spill/Runoff Pesticides/Herbicides --N/A----N/A--129
>>9088/4/2016UT to UT to Des Moines RiverEmmet Human Crop Spraying --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--605
>>9099/6/2016Wolf CreekStory Human Unknown - Human Suspected --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--66554
>>9139/8/2016Little Floyd RiverO'Brien Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--0
>>9069/9/2016Brush CreekJackson Human Spill/Runoff Animal Waste Open FeedlotCattle (Beef)17522
>>9079/15/2016Unnamed Trib to Big Sioux RiverLyon Human Spill/Runoff Animal Waste ConfinementCattle (Beef)1354
>>9169/19/2016Whitewater CreekDubuque Human Unknown - Human Suspected --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--7821
>>92010/31/2016Little Beaver CreekPolk Unknown Unknown --N/A-- --N/A----N/A--1456