Iowa DNR 305(b) Water Quality Assessment Database

Fishkill Event Detail

Date of Kill:9/20/1997
Waterbody Type:Lake
Cause Type:Natural

Estimated Fish Killed: 50 Kill area (acres): 0
Valuation: -- Record created: 4/24/2000 12:00:00 AM
Investigation Expense: -- Last update: 3/30/2001 12:00:00 AM
Locational Data
Origin Waterbody: Anderson (Goose) Lake
Field Office Contact: Field Office 2
UTM Easting (NAD83): 448592
UTM Northing (NAD83) 4684997
Estimated UTM Data: False

Location Comments:
Onsite Comments No information on flow conditions provided in Vansteenburg's October 6, 1997, report.   He did mention that the three tile lines that  discharge to the lake were dry.  Only species reported killed were carp ("numerous dead carp").  Unable to determine a cause of the kill.   Samples of lake water showed DO and ammonia well within expected ranges.   No evidence of discharge to toxic substances to the lake.   Vansteenburg noted that the lake is shallow and has a substantial amount of algae and vegetation around the lake margin.   Thus, diurnal oxygen fluctuation may have caused the kill.   Pattee noted that several members of the hunt club that owns the lake is concerned that carp in the lake are causing increased turbidity that is preventing establishment of emergent vegetation.   Thus, the possiblity exists of an intentional kill.  No obvious source of contamination.   Kill attributed to natural causes unless further information is obtained to indicate otherwise.