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Fish Kill Event - Unnamed Tributary to North Fork Floyd River

Section 27, Goewey Twsp, Osceola Co

Event ID
Date of Kill
Waterbody Type
Cause Origin
1 (1 - 100 fish killed)
Kill Length
not enumerated
ESD Field Office
FO 3
Fisheries Office
Spirit Lake Hatchery
Estimated Origin Location
Created Date
3/26/2019 11:56:51 AM
Last Update
3/26/2019 11:58:19 AM
For more information about this fish kill event, contact the Field Office or Fisheries Office listed above.
Impacted Assessment Segments
No segments listed

The indicated location of this event should be considered a rough estimate.

Lat/Long uses WGS84 datum
Onsite Comments

Estimated location- no official report on file. Emails state:

  1. Last night a farmer was spraying his beans and his sprayer fell directly into a tributary of the Floyd River, Section 27 of Goeway Twp, Osceola County. 500 gallons of Hero insecticide, Round-up herbicide and water emptied directly into the creek. The creek appeared milky in color but he did not observe any dead or live fish at 9:00 pm.
  2. Jennifer Christian is following up on last night’s spill and called to report that they have found several dozen dead fish at the first bridge downstream of the spill. Many other fish are at the surface looking for oxygen and jumping out of the water. The tributary converges with the North Fork of the Floyd River less than one mile from where the spill occurred. Fisheries personal have been contacted to conduct counts.
Press Release

The DNR is investigating an agricultural chemical spill west of Melvin in Osceola County on Wednesday.

A farmer was spraying his soybean fields when his sprayer fell into a stream at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. A mix including 150 ounces of Hero insecticide, five gallons of Roundup herbicide and almost 500 gallons of water emptied directly into the stream, a tributary of the Floyd River.

Dead fish were discovered at a bridge downstream of the spill. Many live fish were distressed and at the stream’s surface, apparently seeking oxygen, on Wednesday morning.

The DNR will gather information about the number of fish killed in the incident and take water samples to determine the extent of the damage. Downstream water supplies in Sioux City have been notified, but there appears to be no risk to public drinking water at this time.

The creek is in the process of being dammed to prevent further contamination. Water will be pumped out of the stream and applied to land.