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Fish Kill Event - Little Wapsipinicon River


Event ID
Date of Kill
Waterbody Type
Cause Origin
1 (1 - 100 fish killed)
Kill Length
2.00 miles
ESD Field Office
FO 1
Fisheries Office
Decorah State Hatchery
Created Date
3/19/2019 9:42:02 AM
Last Update
3/19/2019 9:42:02 AM
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Impacted Assessment Segments
Lat/Long uses WGS84 datum
Onsite Comments

No definite source for the fish kill was found. This is the first fish kill on the L. Wapsi at this location that FO1 is aware of. FO1 will follow up with an investigation of the Elma WWTP.

08/08/06 Investigation

9:00 AM

Al Baxter, DNR Conservation Officer, informed me of the reported fish kill on the Little Wapsi R. He stated the fish kill started at Elma and ended 2 miles downstream. He had noted both live and dead fish on the evening of 08/07/06. A citizen reported dead fish were observed on 08/05/06. Al stated he had found no source, but suggested the Elma WWTP would be a source to check.

11:00 AM

Doug Hawker and I checked the Elma WWTP (site 1). We noted turbid water discharging from the plant. A field test kit showed NH3-N > 3.0 ppm. Live fish were noted in the clear water below the discharge.

11:35 AM

We checked Mead’s Creek from the Elma WWTP discharge to the confluence of the Little Waspi. We noted some algae growth on the stream bottom, but no filamentous algae and no sludge. At the mouth of Mead’s Creek the NH3-N was approximately 2.0 ppm. We noted many live fish at the confluence.

11:45 AM

A water sample was taken for UHL analysis at the Elma WWTP discharge. UHL analysis showed 27.0 PPM of ammonia. Currently the Elma WWTP does not have ammonia limits.

11:53 AM

Site 2 is a small tributary at the Elm Ave. road bridge west of Elma. NH3-N was <1 ppm and live fish were noted.

12:06 AM

Site 3 is located at the L. Wapsi at the 100 th St. Bridge. A few dead fish were noted and many live fish were noted. NH3-N was not detected.

1:00 PM

Site 4 is 200 th St. to a rock crossing down to the L. Wapsi. We noted many dead suckers, one carp and many live fish. Oxygen was &gt; 8.0 ppm, NH3-N was not detected, temperature was 75° F and pH was 8.7.

2:08 PM

Site 5 is north of Elma and is located at L. Wapsi R at the 180 th St. Bridge. No NH3-N was noted. Clear water and live fish were noted

2:15 PM

Site 6 is a small tributary to the L. Wapsi by the 180 St. Bridge. No NH3-N was noted. Clear water and live fish were noted

2:30 PM

Site 7 is Lylah’s Marsh was turbid, but no dead fish were noted.

2:45 PM

Site 8 is Mead’s Creek at the B-17 Bridge at the eastern side of Elma and is upstream of the Elma WWTP. No NH3-N was detected and live fish were noted.

3:02 PM

Site 9 is the L. Wapsi at the 110 th St. Bridge in Chickasaw Co. Approximately 1.0 ppm NH3-N was noted. Clear water and live fish were noted.