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Iowa law (Iowa Code 455B.302, 455B.306) requires cities and counties to develop a comprehensive solid waste reduction program in collaboration with the landfill(s) or other waste facility(s) that serves their area. These programs/strategies are detailed in a plan, which is referred to as a comprehensive plan or solid waste comprehensive plan. Cities and counties can develop plans individually, or they can group together with other cities and counties to prepare a comprehensive plan. A city or county or group of cities and counties preparing a plan is referred to as a planning area.

As of March 2015 this application has been updated to use the state's Enterprise Authentication and Authorization (A&A) @IOWAID user login. If you already have a @IOWAID user login, you will need to request access to the DNR Solid Waste Comprehensive Planning application. If you don't have a @IOWAID user login, you will need to create one and then request access. Users will now each have their own individual logins. Consultants who work with multiple planning areas will have one login and will choose the planning area for which they will input information after entering their user credentials. More details are available in the help manual.