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Welcome to the Animal Feeding Operations Database!

The online Animal Feeding Operations database lets you access information about DNR’s regulated livestock and poultry facilities. You can - look up locations, animal numbers, construction reviews, environmental or geological reviews; and details about manure management plans, production areas, manure storage structures and treatment systems.

Facilities Included

Not all animal feeding operations are listed. Most of the roughly 8,000 facilities you can find are the larger operations that were required to get a permit or a manure management plan. Other operations volunteered to provide information to the DNR or have had a compliance issue. Generally, there are two types of facilities: confinements (totally roofed) or open feedlots (partially or totally unroofed). Regulations differ depending on the size, type and age of the facility.

Finding a Facility

Click on Search at the top of the page to find a facility. You can search by location (in the left-hand column) or facility characteristics (in the right-hand column). The fastest way to find a facility is to type in the 5-digit Facility ID number and then click on the “Search” button near the bottom. If you don’t know the Facility ID, you can search by facility name or the owner’s name. Search results will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the red arrow to the left of the facility you are interested in.
Click on Site Map in the upper left-hand to see facility locations on an interactive mapping Web site known as Facility Explorer. Find basic National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit information and compliance and enforcement actions on the Facility Summary page.

Summary Reports

Click on the Reports link at the top of the page to create summary reports such as the number of regulated facilities in the state, a region of the state or a watershed.


Unfortunately, because data from previous data systems have been imported into the online database, the DNR cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the available information. Some of the historic data, such as animal numbers, were collected using different categories than are used today. Also, changes in facility operation are not always known or tracked with more than 8,000 facilities in the system. Producers who notice inaccurate information should contact their local DNR Field office to ask for corrections. Eventually, as resources permit, electronic documents will be added to the system. Until then, most records will be available at the central office and/or the appropriate field office.

More Information

Go to the Help link in the upper right-hand corner for how to use this application. You will also find links to a detailed user manual and a list of terms and definitions. For more information on regulations and requirements, see the DNR’s Animal Feeding Operations Web site.