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 Plant NameProject NumberDate Public Comment Period EndsProject Type
Cargill, Inc - Eddyville23-06106/19/2023Prevention of Significance Deterioration (PSD)
Cargill, Inc - Eddyville22-43406/19/2023Prevention of Significance Deterioration (PSD)
Grain Processing Corporation23-02307/01/2023State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Grain Processing Corporation23-08807/01/2023State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Continental Cement Company - Davenport Plant23-09506/20/2023State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Continental Cement Company - Davenport Plant23-09806/20/2023Prevention of Significance Deterioration (PSD)
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC22-37205/07/2023Prevention of Significance Deterioration (PSD)
Platinum Crush, LLC23-03806/17/2023Prevention of Significance Deterioration (PSD)

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