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Indian Creek IA 03-SSK-943

mouth (S32 T80N R20W Jasper Co.) to confluence of East Indian and West Indian creeks in S16 T82N R22W Story Co.

Assessment Cycle
Result Period
2000 - 2002
Assessment Methodology
Assessment Type
Integrated Report
Category 1
Legacy ADBCode
IA 03-SSK-0040_0
Overall Use Support
Aquatic Life Use Support
Assessment Comments

Assessment is based on results of IDNR/UHL ambient monthly monitoring near Colfax from 2000-02.

Basis for Assessment

SUMMARY:  The Class B(LR) aquatic life uses are assessed (monitored) as fully supported" based on results of ambient chemical/physical water quality monitoring.   The source of data for this assessment is the results of IDNR/UHL monthly ambient monitoring conducted from 2000 through 2002 on Indian Creek at a bridge 4.8 miles north of Colfax and 1.8 miles east of Green Castle in Jasper County (station 10500001).  

EXPLANATION:  Results of monitoring at the IDNR station show no violations of Class B(WW) criteria for pH or ammonia nitrogen (maximum value = 0.40 mg/l) in the 36 samples analyzed during the 2000-2002 assessment period and no violations of Class B(LR) chronic criteria for pesticides in the nine samples analyzed.   One sample, however, contained a level of dissolved oxygen that violated the Class B(LR) water quality criterion.   The sample collected on December 20, 2000, contained 4.9 mg/l of dissolved oxygen, thus slightly violating the Class B(LR) criterion of 5.0 mg/l.   According to U.S.  EPA guidelines for Section 305(b) reporting (U.S.  EPA 1997b:  page 3-17), however, a violation frequency for conventional parameters (including dissolved oxygen) of 10% or less does not suggest an impairment of aquatic life uses.   Thus, the Class B(LR) aquatic life uses were assessed as "fully supported."

Monitoring and Methods
Assessment Key Dates
12/10/2002 Fixed Monitoring End Date
1/10/2000 Fixed Monitoring Start Date
230 Fixed station physical/chemical (conventional plus toxic pollutants)
Monitoring Levels
Biological 0
Habitat 0
Physical Chemistry 3
Toxic 3
Pathogen Indicators 0
Other Health Indicators 0
Other Aquatic Life Indicators 0
# of Bio Sites 0
BioIntegrity N/A